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    Hosting and Maintenance

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    Hosting and Maintenance

    Your website content will be delivered fast with your data secure.

    Our server host is dedicated to protecting our customer's website content. We have chosen our host carefully to ensure security, up time, and connection speed.

    The following are some highlights of our hosting, servers, and maintenance:
    • Data Center
      • N+1 redundant HVAC system
      • Triple power feeds and UPS
      • 24/7 live, closed-circuit monitoring
      • Biometric access control
      • Bottom line: Secure and Monitored
    • Servers
      • Enterprise-level servers
      • Separate database and web servers
      • SATA Dual-core RAID 1
      • Sentry Firewall
      • Access controlled
      • Bottom line: Fast and Well-Maintained
    • Network
      • Level 3, Telia, and MCI connectivity
      • Fully redundant connection and power
      • 10 Gigabit Ethernet Core
      • Low-latency DNS service
      • Bottom line: Really Fast and Redundant
    • Data Security
      • Pages with secure content protected by GeoTrust SSL certificate
      • PCI-compliant - audited regularly by MacAfee
      • Field-level encryption on secure data fields
      • Bottom line: Secure
    • Monitoring and Backups
      • Servers monitored for website up time
      • Continuous off-site backups of files
      • Database backups every 2 hours
      • Bottom line: Monitored and Backed Up
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