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    The easy way to find content on your site.

    Make it easier for users to find information on your site. Visitors just enter in keywords or phrases and this feature does the rest.

    Looking for the Winter Retreat registration? Enter "winter retreat," hit Enter, and the search feature will bring up items that match.

    The search field can appear on several areas of your site, and can be removed, depending on which skin you chose.



    Limit access to some of your site's content.

    With the My Church feature, users create accounts with custom passwords. You can lock down content on your church website to specific accounts or groups of accounts called "roles."

    For example, you can create a blog to your ministry leaders and limit the accessibility to only them. This is a great way to communicate with ministry leaders in a secure way.


    Answer your questions with detailed help documents and videos.

    Each administration page on your website is equipped with a link to our support site. For example, if you're creating a blog and get stuck, click the help icon in Blog Administration. A window will open with documents and videos to answer all your questions.

    Click here to visit our support website.

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