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    Volunteer Opportunities and Form Builder

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    Volunteer Opportunities

    Post and track ministry serving needs.

    Create opportunities for your church website visitors to get involved, complete with service qualifications, contact information, and the type of person or group that should serve. Users can then search to find volunteer opportunities which closely match their interests and qualifications.

    Each ministry has its own opportunity administration, to make it easier to track user responses, making sure that no one slips through the cracks.

    Form Builder

    Gather the information you need with custom forms.

    Forms allow you to collect information and store it on your site. Forms contain fields which explain the kind of information you want to collect from users. Each field collects specific information that you determine.

    Take a survey. Give your ministry visitors a way to send you questions. Create an online application. With customizable fields, you can make any form you can imagine.

    Each form submission can be submitted using a secure 128-bit SSL connection; this will encrypt all information before sending it through the Internet, protecting sensitive information.

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