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    Interact with your visitors while keeping them up-to-date.

    Blog is short for “Web log.” Traditional blogs provide a forum for an author to present ideas while allowing visitors to leave comments. Instead of just providing information, blogs allow you to engage in dialogue with your website's visitors.

    Want to discuss last weekend's sermon? Create a blog entry and ask for comments. Then comment on the comments. Blogs allow the perfect place for discussion to foster. You can even moderate comments so only appropriate statements are posted.

    This feature also can be used for podcasting or posting sermons by embedding mp3 files within blog entries.

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    Send entries via e-mail, and keep an archive on your site.

    Newsletters allow for your busy users to remain updated with minimal effort. News, upcoming events, and links back to your website can be sent to the Inbox of your newsletter subscribers. If your users accidentally delete an entry, they can visit your website for an archive of all entries.

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