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    Keep your visitors informed about changes in your ministry and other announcements.

    News articles provide simple, short updates to visitors of your site. News can be used to promote your upcoming events, detail ministry values and mission, recap previously held events, link to other articles, and to tell any story you feel is newsworthy. You can also use news articles in partnership with an event to provide additional information.

    Each news article is informative and answers the following questions (where applicable):
    • Who?
    • What?
    • When?
    • Where?
    • Why?
    • How?


    Promote future functions and collect registration.

    Events have two purposes:
    • Populating your site’s calendars
    • Tracking registration
    Each site has a site-wide calendar as well as calendars for each ministry and its subministries. You can create one-time events (ex. Winter Retreat) or reoccurring events (ex. Awana).

    Each event automatically collects a registrants name, address, and phone number (if registration is enabled). Additionally, you can add fields for collecting other types of information (T-shirt size, age, etc.) and a myriad of payment options (one adult and one child, two children, or three children, etc.).



    Organize your reoccurring events.

    Think of a Course on your church website if you were registering for a course in college.

    At a university, there are multiple “sessions” of Theology 101. The course is offered by multiple teachers, on different days, and at different times. This is exactly how Courses work on an iMinistries website. If you offer an event several times per year, create a Course and fill it with separate events. This will help users find and register for a date and time that works best for them.
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