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    MonMay62013 ByDavid PohlmeierTaggedUser Experience (UX)
    We talk a lot about responsive websites here at iMinistries. The short explanation of a responsive website states that the website shall scale in size to fit the size of the particular device it's being viewed on. It's interesting to note that there are a lot of different screen sizes. I checked our Google Analytics account and we've maxed out at 5,000 as the amount of different screen resolutions that have viewed the websites on our server. That covers just one year of statistics and almost 13 million pageviews.

    As a visual point of reference, here is an illustration of the top twenty screen resolutions visiting church websites on our server in the past year.

    The average screen size, based on the top twenty resolutions, is 1,214 x 886. 

    Over this period of time, the top ten screen sizes are as follows:
    1. 1280x800
    2. 1366x768
    3. 320x480
    4. 1440x900
    5. 1024x768 
    6. 768x1024
    7. 1920x1080
    8. 1280x1024
    9. 1680x1050
    10. 1600x900
    Seeing this makes for a compelling argument for the need to have a responsive church website. Number three on the list is the iPhone. There are so many devices and screen sizes available to consumers. It has been speculated that by 2014, more internet traffic will come from mobile devices instead of  traditional personal computers (source).

    What are you doing to prepare for this?

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