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    Cheaper Alternatives to Adobe Products for Churches and Ministries

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    MonApr152013 ByDavid PohlmeierTaggedChurch Design
    Part of maintaining a successful ministry or church website is publishing professional photos and graphics. The industry standard for image editing and graphic design is the Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier, etc, they truly are great pieces of software. They also come with a pretty steep price tag. Photoshop alone costs $699.00.

    Gouda Loves The MacBook Pro.

    Are there viable alternatives? The author of this blog post suggests there are. The article only features Mac software (Sorry PC users). Below is the Adobe product and the comparable Mac App you could use as a replacement. I'm only going to list the three products that will benefit a content creator for a website. Check out the article for more.
    • Photoshop will run $699. Instead, use Pixelmator for just $14.99
    • Illustrator will set you back $599. Try Indeeo's Draw for $24.99
    • Dreamweaver costs $399. RapidWeaver has similar name and costs just $79.99
    I have used Pixelmator. I've even recommended it in the past. I cannot speak for the other two pieces of software. I'd suggest researching and downloading free trials if they exist. As a professional graphic designer, there probably won't ever be a replacement for Adobe products. For someone who's tasked with keeping their church or ministry website up to date and looking good, the software above just might be the ticket.

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