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    Is Your Homepage Attractive? Part 5: Ads

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    MonJul52010 ByTravis HickoxTaggedChurch Design

    5. Ads

    In the past few blogs, we explored how to improve the look of your homepage by writing compelling content, adding thumbnails and highlights, and by creating a custom scrolling header. In this blog, we'll explain how ads can be the finishing touch on the first page your visitors see.

    The goal of your homepage is to "convert" your vistor--to convince them to stay on your site longer, see what your ministry has to offer, and hopefully visit your ministry in person or contact you for more information. One way to do this is to show them what's happening with you. You can do this on a large scale with scrolling headers, but you can also do this by creating and uploading ads.

    Just like a business would use advertisements in newspapers, billboards, or television, you can advertise your upcoming events, latest news, podcasts, or blogs in the same way. The goal is the same--to get your audience to buy what you're selling. In this case, you are selling your ministry and your ministry website's offerings.

    On your iMinistries website, you have a designated place where ads will display, depending on your skin. Most ads show above highlights in the right column. And with iMinistries Rotator feature, you can easily add scrolling ads to maximize the use of this space.

    Step 1:
    Create your ads to "sell" the content of your choice.
    Step 2: Make a Rotator, add slides, upload your images, and link them to your content.
    Step 3: In your site's Content Administration, use the Widget feature to add your Rotator as a ad.

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