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    What's the Difference (Between Church Web Content Management Systems)

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    MonJan42010 ByDave McCallTaggedChurch Technology
    There are many ways for a growing church to put together a website—even a high-quality website. You might consider:
    • Find talented web designers in your church to create a website for you.
    • Find someone technical within your church to set up one of the open source content management systems available.
    • Hire a web designer or web master to create and maintain your website.
    • Contract with a web design firm to design a template and pages.
    • Use a hosted content management system like iMinistries
    • Use a combination of a few of these.
    A hosted church content management system (CMS) is the right choice for most churches. However, we’re aware that there’s a choice between web CMS's. Why choose iMinistries over other CMS's? Why choose us over one of the more established systems available like Joomla or Drupal? Why choose us over the other church-specific web CMS's?

    Should your decision be based on a feature comparison, the available designs, ease of use, available support or the cost?

    The answer is "yes," you need to balance all of these. The system you choose should:
    • Have the features you need.
    • Be able to be designed to fit your image.
    • Be easy enough to use that everyone in your organization can use it.
    • Be supported by people who care about your mission.
    • Be one that you can afford to maintain long term.
    Why choose iMinistries? Because our goal is to strike the perfect balance between these priorities. If you explore us, we believe you will find that we’ve done just that. iMinistries provides:
      • A full set of website features needed by churches and ministries and then some. Powerful enough that Steve, your technical volunteer, will be impressed and able to help you get the most out of the system.
      • The flexibility to implement a wide array of designs, including several free designs. Flexible enough to accommodate even Nate, your fussy volunteer designer.
      • A unified user experience designed with church users in mind. Simple enough to be used by Carol in the front office.
      • Free support from people whose passion is to help ministries reach people for Christ and raise up His disciples. Our team will help you get your site up and running quickly and keep it running. Support enough to keep Joe, your executive pastor, happy with the time line and the up-time.
      • Packages priced to fit your ministry. Affordable enough that Fred, head of your finance committee, will be a fan for life.
        In all honesty, we don’t strive to be the best in any one of these areas—we strive to balance them the best. We think you will agree—so will Steve, Nate, Carol, Joe and Fred. Why not give us a try and find out?

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