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    Harvest Bible Chapel - London

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    FriSep52008 ByTravis HickoxTaggedChurch Design
    Harvest Bible Chapel of London, Ontario is one of my favorites! Both the staff and the site are top notch. I hope to make it to their church and Harvest Oakville at some point if I ever make it to Canada. This site is another great example of how we can make your ministry's web presence fresh and eye-catching.

    "We switched to iMinistries in 2006 and we have never looked back. The quality and ease of use of the content management system is amazing, as our site is highly presentable, but requires little time from me to make it that way as all the pieces are already in place. We had our whole site customized in 2008 and I could not be happier with the way it turned out, and the level of customer service we received on the project was outstanding."

    Jon Sodemon
    Director of Administration
    Harvest Bible Chapel London, Ontario